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The Biamo Partners affiliate program is an iGaming scheme covering BiamoBet Casino and Fight Club Casino. Their website displays a new online casino preparing for launch. Both brands are licensed by the Government of Curacao and operate in Europe, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries. Bringing over 3,000 online casino games, a live casino, and a sportsbook under one roof makes them excellent products to promote on your affiliate site.

Exclusive bonus codes for your audience, customized logos and materials, and tips to turn your visitors into first-time depositors are provided to any affiliate signing up with Biamo Partners. Learn more about their affiliate program below.

Revenue Share Deals

Registering your affiliate on the Biamo Partners program will enroll you in the standard commission plan. According to this, you will be making a steady monthly profit based on the referred players’ net revenue. Essentially, you will get a cut of what your registered users spend every month.

There isn’t just one scheme you can enter at Biamo Partners, as they adjust this based on your input. The more money your referrals spend or, the more referrals you send to Biamo Partnered casinos, the better share you will receive. If you pull through a lot of traffic, you will end up making 60% every month. And that’s not a one-off. Biamo Partners support lifetime commission, which means you will make money for as long as your referred players remain active on the Biamo Partnered sites. No negative carryover applies, so if a signed-up player lands a jackpot, you won’t remain dry for a year.

Other Ways to Make Money with Biamo Partners

Revenue share is the standard deal you will enroll at Biamo Partners. However, as you can see on their website, that’s not your only alternative. A simple cost-per-acquisition deal is on the table. Just speak to their representatives to learn the specifics. However, these work in a simple fashion. Based on how many players you send that meet the minimum deposit requirement, the more money you make. That’s a fixed fee per player without worrying about their spending or earnings.

You can also agree upon a hybrid model. Here, you would get a lower revenue share deal, say 20%, and an average flat fee of $50 per first-time depositor. This model might work for some, although the most successful affiliates go for the revenue share schemes.

Lastly, sub-affiliation is another route with Biamo Partners. Here, you will need to recommend them to a third party who registers with them. If they make a profit, you get 5% as a bonus. And that’s for a lifetime.


The online casinos under the Biamo Partners affiliate program are widely available. That’s not to say they break the bank worldwide. Japan, New Zealand, and Canada are some of their strong international markets, with European countries like Denmark, Norway, Finland, Portugal, and Greece being their strongest assets. There, the conversion rate between registration and deposit is at 40.3% on average.

Nonetheless, the USA, UK, and Australia are some of the big markets where Biamo Partners cannot operate. That’s because Curacao powers their two brands.


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